Olson leads Fairfield swimmers against Oskaloosa

FAIRFIELD — Hey Nike, Erica Olson wants sponsored.

Olson was the only individual winner for the Fairfield High School girls swimming team in its meet with Oskaloosa Monday at the Cambridge Sportsplex.

Oskaloosa won the meet 97-70.

Olson was also a part of the winning 400-meter Free relay team with Maddy Hanna, Claire Else and Emily McAvan. They finished the race in 4 minutes, 57.06 seconds.

Olson won the longest race of the night, the 500-meter Free in 6:55.05.

Asked how she perseveres through such a long race, she said, “I just do it,” recalling Nike’s motto of ‘Just do it.’

Olson considers the length of the race a warm-up.

“It is my favorite race because I don’t have to sprint,” she said. “In warming up, I just go long and strong and I think that is the best part about it.”

It is a race where she just takes her time and measures her strokes.

“I want to go farther and faster more efficiently, so I want to take less strokes,” Olson said. “In the 500, you can be halfway done and there is a girl in front of you, but you know you can still pick it up and catch her.”

That is not true of a shorter race.

“During a 50, if they’re ahead of you they are ahead of you,” said Olson, who is a senior. “The 500 is definitely a hard race if you don’t train for it. I remember my first year I told my mom I wanted to quit, but I am so glad she made me go back. I have learned to love swimming. Especially since my sophomore year when Coach came.”

Coach is Brittany Winslow, who is in her third year at the head of the program.

“I thought the girls swam really well,” Winslow said. “It’s just our third meet. We swam Saturday at Muscatine so we didn’t get a lot of practice before tonight. I still think they did great.”

Olson, Else, McAvan and Katie McLain were second in the 200 Medley relay in 2:29.19. Tessa Seibert, Paige Craun, Tea Harris and Emma Clubb took second in 2:20.91 in the 200 Free relay.

Siebert was the top Trojan finisher in the 200 Free, finishing third with a time of 2:57.5. Craun was second in the 50 Free with a time of 33.74. McAvan was second in the 100 Fly in 1:45.43 and in the 100 back with a time of 1:27.24. Else was second in the 100 Breast in 1:34.22. Ella Weigart was the best Trojan in the 100 Free, taking fourth in 1:28.87.

Olson took second in the 200 IM with a time of 2:58.52.

“It was a good race, a good meet” she said. “I like Oskaloosa, they are fun to race against. I like winning but I don’t care if I lose. It is really fun to have that kind of competition.”

Fairfield has a lot of new girls and they are still trying to learn all of the different strokes.

“I don’t have a lot of girls to spread out through all the races because they are just swimming what they know right now,” Winslow said. “I think they are doing great for that.”

It’s still at the beginning of the season so Winslow doesn’t have a lot of girls to put in some of the races to stack them.

“Some of the girls that do have some experience swam some different races than they normally do,” Winslow said. “They are working hard. They’re doing everything I ask of them. We will be able to get some practice time in before our next meet so I will be excited to see how that goes.”

Fairfield swims next Sept. 17 at Newton.