IGHSAU pairings released for 2019-20 basketball postseason


All games at 7 p.m. unless noted.

Regional champions advance to the state tournament March 2-7 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.


Quarterfinals, Saturday, Feb. 15

at West Liberty

West Liberty vs. Mid-Prairie, 5 p.m.

at Williamsburg

Williamsburg vs. Benton

at Eddyville

Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont vs. PCM, 5 p.m.

at North Polk

North Polk vs. South Tama

Semifinals Wednesday, Feb. 19

at West Liberty

West Liberty/Mid-Prairie winner vs. Williamsburg/Benton winner

at North Polk

EBF/PVM winner vs. North Polk/South Tama winner

Final Saturday, Feb. 22

at Grinnell

Semifinal winners, 5 p.m.


First round Saturday, Feb. 15

at Columbus Junction

Columbus vs. Wilton, 5 p.m.

at Danville

Danville vs. Cardinal, 5 p.m.

Quarterfinals Tuesday, Feb. 18

at West Branch

West Branch vs. Columbus/Wilton winner

at Pekin

Pekin vs. Wapello

at Mediapolis

Mediapolis vs. Danville/Cardinal winner

at Keosauqua

Van Buren vs. Louisa-Muscatine

Semifinals Friday, Feb. 21

at West Branch

West Branch/Columbus/Wilton winner vs. Pekin/Wapello winner

at Mediapolis

Mediapolis/Danville/Cardinal winner vs. Van Buren/Louisa-Muscatine winner

Final Wednesday, Feb. 28

at Washington or Muscatine

Semifinal winners


First round Thursday, Feb. 13

at Clinton

Prince of Peace vs. Easton Valley

at Calamus-Wheatland

Calamus-Wheatland vs. Midland

at Central City

Central City vs. Lisbon

at Notre Dame

Notre Dame vs. WACO

at Winfield-Mount Union

Winfield-Mount Union vs. Highland

at Lone Tree

Lone Tree vs. Hillcrest Academy

at Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity vs. New London


Tuesday, Feb. 18

at Bellevue

Bellevue Marquette vs. Prince of Peace/Easton Valley winner

at Calamus-Wheatland

Calamus-Wheatland/Midland winner vs. Central City/Lisbon winner

at Notre Dame

Notre Dame/WACO winner vs. Winfield-Mount Union/Highland winner

at Lone Tree

Lone Tree/Hillcrest Academy winner vs. Holy Trinity/New London winner

Semifinals Friday, Feb. 21

at Bellevue

Bellevue Marquette/Prince of Peace/Easton Valley winner vs. Calamus-Wheatland/Midland/Central City/Lisbon winner

at Notre Dame

Notre Dame/WACO/Winfield-Mount Union/Highland winner vs. Lone Tree/Hillcrest Academy/Holy Trinity/New London winner

Final Wednesday, Feb. 26

at Pleasant Valley

Semifinal winners


First round Thursday, Feb. 13

at Baxter

Baxter vs. BGM

at Meskwaki Settlement

Meskwaki Settlement vs. HLV

at Collins-Maxwell

Collins-Maxwell vs. GMG

at Springville

Springville vs. Cedar Valley Christian

at Iowa Valley

Iowa Valley vs. Belle Plaine

at Sigourney

Sigourney vs. Keota

at English Valleys

English Valleys vs. Tri-County

Quarterfinals Tuesday, Feb. 18

at Montezuma

Montezuma vs. Baxter/BGM winner

at Meskwaki

Meskwaki/HLV winner vs. Collins-Maxwell/GMG winner

at Liberty High

Springville/Cedar Valley winner vs. Iowa Valley/Belle Plaine winner

at Sigourney

Sigourney/Keota winner vs. English Valley/Tri-County winner

Semifinals Friday, Feb. 21

at Montezuma

Montezuma/Baxter/BGM winner vs. Meskwaki/HLV/ Collins-Maxwell/GMG winner

at Iowa City High

Springville/Cedar Valley/Iowa Valley/Belle Plaine winner vs. Sigourney/Keota/English Valley/Tri-County winner

Final Wednesday, Feb. 26

at Williamsburg or Iowa City West

Semifinal winners