We need to help our young people

To the editor:

My concern grows more and more for the young people in this country. In the past 25 years, income has grown 42 percent for Americans 65 years and older and declined 68 percent for Americans 35 and younger. Just to give you perspective, before the crisis, the number of college graduates who were working as astronomers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians or web developers was 216,000, as waiters and bartenders, 216,000. Many of those jobs will be gone now. And the job market for this year’s graduates is very discouraging at the moment.

Many of these younger Americans have college debt, no health insurance, and a very difficult time finding housing of any kind. Some are married with young children or children on the way. It is 2000 percent more expensive to raise a child than it was 50 years ago.

We need to reconfigure our economy to help these young people, give them healthcare,tuition assistance and affordable housing. They deserve a cleaner environment, too. As do their children and grandchildren.

- Jim Turner, Fairfield