Public Health deserves increase


The Friday, Jan. 22, edition of the Union reported the meeting of Public Health staff with the Henry County supervisors to present their budget request and describe their program. In the age of COVID and with vaccine clinics coming in the next week or so, I can only imagine how busy they are right now. Their value during the pandemic falls in the category of “essential workers.”

I would add “exceptional workers.”

Henry County is lucky to have them and needs to keep them — and keep them fairly compensated. We read and hear daily of the ongoing frustrations that accompany their work. It does not appear that this workload will decrease any time soon. It is strong, committed and well-trained professionals such as health care workers who are here serving our county.

We applaud each of you and appreciate you.

But more than that, we support the 5 percent increase proposed by Shelley Van Dorin, Public Health director. Heaven knows, they’ve already shown they deserve it.

Mary Beth Young

Mt. Pleasant