Many questions on HCHC election


Re: “HCHC to Begin Special Election Education” (Jan. 20). The article states that “Great River has agreed to continue to maintain the health center’s classification as a critical access hospital for a period of time and to continue clinical services for the next four years.”

How long is “a period of time?” What happens to the hospital after that? What happens to clinical services after four years? As a taxpayer, I want to know much more about the details of this plan and what the long-term implications are for health care in Henry County.

Is HCHC in danger of closing if this deal doesn’t go through? Why is it so important to have this vote so quickly? There is hardly time for community forums to happen (if they are being planned) before the March 2 vote, let alone for people who want to vote early.

I hope the Southeast Iowa Union will do some investigative reporting and shed light on this for all Henry County residents so we can make an informed decision for ourselves and our communities.

Sally Fager

Mt. Pleasant