Letters to the Editor

Wayland's 'Getting Ahead' sessions resume

The “Getting Ahead” sessions have resumed in Wayland after having to suspend classes during the recent holiday season, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Getting Ahead, which is part of the Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative began it’s third year of classes back in September of 2020 with a limited class size, social distancing and a lot of sanitizing, but was forced stop meeting when cases began to rapidly climb.

The participants of Getting Ahead were determined to keep meeting because of what they were discovering in the sessions, and so with the guidance of the class facilitator, Cynthia Hallett, and the Getting Ahead coordinator, Crystal Boulton, the group relocated and once again began to meet.

Cynthia and Crystal are both graduates of Getting Ahead classes. Cynthia graduated from the Mt. Pleasant class in 2018 and Crystal graduated from the Wayland class of 2020 respectively. Without a doubt, most of the graduates find they are able to effectively use the tools and resources they discover to begin to get ahead in life, rather than just live “getting by.”

One of the graduates of the first year of Getting Ahead in Wayland was Kenny. Kenny was determined to graduate from Getting Ahead and learn as much as he could.

When he first shared his story, He told of how he had only a sixth-grade level education and he struggled with reading and writing. Regardless of these challenges, Kenny was committed to pushing through and completing the program.

There were many days when he would call Cynthia Hallet up and ask if she could come over and go over the materials outside of class. Kenny’s determination to understand the materials and Cynthia’s conviction as to the value of Getting Ahead clearly paid off. Kenny recently celebrated his 60th birthday and is debt free and retired. After taking the Getting Ahead Class, Kenny went on to take the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course.

Getting Ahead is an outreach effort of Word Alive Ministries. For more details about how you can support the efforts of others seeking to “Get Ahead” or to learn how you and participate in the next Getting Ahead class, call the Word Alive Office at 319-201-9630 or email wordalive@wacoministries.org.