Letters to the Editor

Social justice farce


For months now, radicals have violently rioted in the name of social justice and racial equality.

They have succeeded in getting Black Lives Matter painted on public streets, basketball courts and other places.

They already had Black Entertainment TV, United Negro College Fund, Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP, Affirmative Action and the African American Museum in D.C.

They have associations of Black nurses, engineers, designers, physicists, women and many more.

They have their own Black national anthem, African-American flag, National Black Chamber of Commerce and Justice Commission.

They have forced certain products like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Sambo’s, Dixie Beer and others, to consider name and logo change to avoid racial appearance.

Black Lives Matter founded in 2013, picked up steam after George Floyd died in police custody while being arrested for his last crime.

A Princeton study finds 91 percent of the 637 documented riots this year so far are linked to Black Lives Matter, yet liberal mega donors have poured in millions of dollars in donations.

Riots have caused an estimated $2 billion in property damage, closed freeways and disrupted commerce.

Black Lives Matter processes donations through “ActBlue,” the same non-profit the Democrat National Committee uses.

Black Lives Matter is fiscally sponsored by “Thousand Currents” of which Susan Rosenberg is an active board member.

Susan Rosenberg is a Communist organization member arrested and convicted for weapons and explosives possession and other terrorist-type crimes.

Bill Clinton commuted her sentence.

They hate the Constitution, burn the American Flag, disrespect our national anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, chant “death to America” and demand defunding the police.

After two cops (one white, one Black) were shot by a Black man in Louisville last week, Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris praised Black Lives Matter for “brilliance” and “impact.”

President Trump and supporters hold rallies to promote America first.

Leland Graber