Letter to the Editor

Family has bad Obamacare experience


Obamacare has proved to be a fraud, anyway in our situation.

Our daughter has a master’s degree in agronomy and also has a degree in biology and chemistry. She was working in the laboratory of a very large company as a lab analyst. She was 28 when she found out that she had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The company she worked for provided very good insurance, which was greatly needed because her treatment and resulting complications from the treatment lasted five years, and she could not work during that time.

The treatment killed her left hip and shoulder, both of which have been replaced. Finally she felt that was able and wanted and needed to go back to work. The company she had previously worked for would not hire her because now she had “preexisting” conditions. So she put in her resume everywhere she could, but no one would hire her because of her previous health issues.

Finally she took a job as a waitress. Since the restaurant where she worked did not offer health insurance, she applied for Obamacare. She paid premiums every month of around $250 to buy Obamacare. After around eight months, she took a different job, but again, they did not offer insurance, so she kept Obamacare.

This went on for three years until finally a huge company hired her to work as a developmental scientist. They have a very good insurance plan that she got on, so she discontinued Obamacare.

Imagine to her surprise and shock when early this year she received a letter from Obamacare, stating that since she had good insurance now and was not buying into the plan anymore, she would have to pay back everything that they had paid out for her in those three years.

What is the point of buying insurance? She saw a lawyer about this, and he couldn’t believe it either but found out it was true. We found it to be truly unbelievable also. This info needs to be out there as a warning to anyone else who is “buying” insurance through Obamacare.

Suzanne Smith

Columbus Junction