Letter to the Editor

Too much money spent on elections


$14 billion!

This is the amount of money spent by all candidates in all elections in the United States in the most recent election cycle. This is insane. It makes no difference what side of the aisle you are on, this is a clear signal that our democracy is being bought.

In three separate Senate races the six candidates spent in excess of $75 million dollars each for a total of almost $500 million. Of course three of these candidates lost, so it was a complete waste of $250 million or more.

Michael Bloomberg personally spent $100 million in Florida trying to influence the presidential race. This is a clear sign of buying influence in how our future is determined.

Maybe we should pass a law that anyone donating over $500 to any political campaign has to match that contribution with a donation to a local food bank or a domestic or homeless shelter. At least some good would come out of it.

The other suggestion would be that we limit our election cycle to no longer than six months. Hopefully this would limit the amount of money used for future influence and reduce the election fatigue that we all experience.

$14 billion. Think about that. Please contact your local and national representative and tell them this needs to be fixed. Stop buying our democracy.

Dale Torpey

Washington, IA