Let's honor Teacher Appreciation Week

To the editor:

This has been a year like no other for our staff. I continue to hear the saying that “You learn what people are made of when facing a crisis”. That is so very true of our teaching staff in Fairfield. Every challenge that has greeted them, they are working hard to solve it! I truly feel that there is no challenge that our teaching staff could not overcome. Thank you, teachers, for all the hard work you are doing.

Our teachers are creative in figuring out how to make connections with students and families. They are setting up Zoom meetings, holding conference calls, connecting with families in the evenings, and driving by their homes to drop off materials. The dedication from the teaching staff is genuine and their passion for the students and families they serve is very strong.

Teachers are one of the unsung heroes as they are trying to provide instruction in a new and different way across several mediums at the same time while facing the same trying times as the rest of us.

Reach out to teachers this week and let them know your gratitude for all they are doing and attempting during this new way of teaching and learning.

Thank you, Fairfield Teachers, for all you are doing to help our students each day, not only during a pandemic but every other day as well. You are Super Heroes in my book!

With much gratitude and appreciation,

- Dr. Laurie Noll, Fairfield Community School District Superintendent