Cyclists must follow road rules, too

To the editor:

Even though the forecast is for some more chilly weather later this week, spring really is here, and with it comes biking season. I am reminded frequently that bike riders have the same rights to the road as all drivers. I agree - yes, they do! BUT - that means they also have the same rules and responsibilities! Most bike riders are very responsible about following those rules, so would they please help to remind their less-responsible friends of these three things - all of which I have observed in the past week:

1) Please do not ride the wrong way on a one-way street.

2) Please observe all posted signs - especially STOP signs!

3) Please do not ride on the sidewalks around the square or on the sidewalks in any direction one block from the square. This is a city ruling.

I love to ride a bike as much as anyone, although I don’t do it much these days. I want all riders to be safe, and I want everyone, drivers and pedestrians, to be able to assume that bikers are safely following the rules and the laws!

Getting off my soapbox now...

- Sally Johnston, Fairfield