Washington resident wants to buy Tick Ridge Woods

Scott Wyatt wants to purchase Tick Ridge Woods County Park.

Tuesday morning, the Henry County Board of Supervisors told him that is not possible ... as of now.

Wyatt, who lives in Washington, inquired about buying all of the five-acre park southwest of Wayland.

After hearing Wyatt’s request, Supervisor Marc Lindeen said it is not easy to sell the parkland.

“The Henry County Conservation Department bought Tick Ridge under a stipulation that if we were ever to sell the land, we’d have to buy other land to replenish it,” Lindeen said. “It has to do with wildlife.”

“We have to talk with the County Conservation, because if we were to sell it, where would they go to acquire the right amount of land to replenish it?” Supervisor Greg Moeller said.

Wyatt understood the supervisors’ reasoning and further expressed his desire for the land.

“I’d take everything,” he said. “It’s been abandoned and overgrown, but I’d love to purchase it, fix it up, and put a show home on it.”

Wyatt isn’t the only person interested in the land, either. Other landowners adjacent to Tick Ridge have expressed interest in purchasing the property, and some even disagree with selling the land entirely.

“You know, some of the landowners think we should leave it be, let it become natural growth again,” Lindeen said.

If the county were to move forward with selling the land, they can’t sell to one specific person without the land going up for bid, Lindeen said.

As for right now, the Board of Supervisors promised Wyatt that they would work with Henry County Conservation to research selling the land.