Students will get new routines when they return to school

On Aug. 24, students may return back to school but their days will not look similar to before.

The Washington Community Schools administration provided a breakdown of what a day would look like for students when returning back to school. The elementary students pre-kindergarten through second-grade students, third- through fifth-grade, and the middle and high school students have different plans but with some similarities.

Before school

• At home: Check the temperature and check for symptoms

• The bus: students will wash hands and wear a mask. Students will be assigned seats.

• Students dropped off: Students will stay outside of the building until 7:50 and then go directly to their classroom and put on face coverings

During school

• Students will be required to “wash in, wash out.”

• High school, middle school and grade school students will wear face coverings all day with 10-minute breaks. Elementary students will wear the face masks intermittently through the day to become comfortable with them.

• Bathroom breaks: Teachers will work with the building administration to develop bathroom routines.

• Lunch: Students will eat in cohorts spread out in the lunchroom. The students will be served their plate at the end of the line.

• Recess: Classes will have playground areas that they can play in that will change on a rotating basis.

• Physical education will take place outside when possible, otherwise in the gym with all possible safety measures.

• During transitional periods students will social distance and use face coverings while following travel patterns developed by administration.

Day’s End

• Students will hang up their face coverings and leave the building within 5 minutes of taking off face covering.

The full schedules can be found on the Washington Schools website,