Send us your event details for Fairfield InfoGuide

Local clubs, churches, schools and other organizations are asked to provide information about their upcoming special events to The Fairfield Ledger for the 2021 Events Calendar section of its 18th annual Fairfield InfoGuide.

Information should include the name of the event, the sponsoring organization, date, time, location, details and a phone number, email address or website address to contact for additional information.

Information, marked to the attention of “Fairfield InfoGuide,” can be emailed to

The Fairfield InfoGuide is a comprehensive look at the Fairfield community through informational news and advertising. It includes a vast amount of directory-type information about what is available in the Fairfield area, plus a 2021 calendar of events.

The InfoGuide is distributed with the Southeast Iowa Union, plus copies are provided to Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, motels, businesses and high-traffic lobbies to be used throughout the year to promote opportunities in Fairfield.