Riverside employee honored for his water system work

RIVERSIDE — A city of Riverside employee was presented an award from Washington County Public Health.

The award is a water fluoridation quality award to Bill Stukey, the city water operator, said Martha Hernandez-Lopez with public health. It is a 2019 award, but it was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The award is part of the I-Smile program. I-Smile is a statewide program to prevent dental problems for children. The award is given by the Center for Disease Control to communities with a water fluoridation level of around 7 milligrams per liter for 12 months

“Water fluoridation helps prevent about 25 percent of dental cavities in kids and adults,” Hernandez-Lopez said.

Riverside is one of two communities in Washington County to receive the award, Hernandez-Lopez said. This is the first time Riverside has received this award.