Residents call for action on nuisance properties in Richland

RICHLAND — Nuisance properties were a hot topic of conversation among residents attending the Richland City Council meeting Monday night.

During public forum, several residents including Sue Gill approached the council about the problem. Gill presented a list of 13 properties she said needed to be cleaned up.

Gill said she was previously on the council and attempted to address this issue in the past but nothing was accomplished.

At a previous council meeting, council member Rhonda Noel was instructed to send out nuisance letters to properties the city identified but said at the meeting she had not done so due to being busy at work.

“I have to work for a living,” she said.

Corinne Reed, another Richland resident, was concerned about the state of several properties in town and felt it did not create a welcoming environment for prospective residents. Reed expressed concern over undrivable cars that were unregistered, sitting in yards.

An avid volunteer in the park, Reed addressed the city’s maintenance in the park, saying she felt it was not up to par. Reed said the grass had not been mowed consistently and when it was, the mowing was uneven.

She felt there was “no excuse” for the alleged lack of care and that if maintenance was being paid to mow the entire park, it should do so.

Mayor Thomas Hoekstra responded to Reed by saying the mowing may get behind due to rainfall but that the park is mowed regularly, and he is proud of how it looks.

Reed disagreed.