Over 1,600 Iowans schedule coronavirus tests following TestIowa expansions, new sites to open next week

Since announcing loosened requirements on testing, Gov. Kim Reynolds noted Iowans are taking advantage of the available resource

Since the move to expand TestIowa’s testing requirements on Thursday, nearly 1,700 tests have been scheduled at sites across the state, Gov. Kim Reynolds reported on Friday morning at her news conference.

Reynolds said the expanded testing is a resource available to all Iowans, especially those who will be returning to work as businesses begin to reopen following loosened restrictions.

“For Iowans returning to work in restaurants and retail stores or other establishments that serve the public, this is a resource you can use at any time to ensure your health and well-being,” she said.

Reynolds also noted new test sites will be opening in Burlington, Council Bluffs, Martial Town and Sioux Center next week while the site at Sioux City will close Friday evening.

Reynolds explained the TestIowa’s mobile testing model allows the state to see where a test site is needed due to increased virus activity or limited access to testing. It also allows the state to reallocate mobile testing sites where test volume has decreased “to other communities where we see there is a need.”

As of Friday, Iowa currently sees 16,415 positive cases and 419 deaths, a jump from 403 deaths the day prior. Approximately 57% of coronavirus-related deaths are linked to long-term care facilities, Reynolds said at her news conference.

The Tri-County area also saw increases in cases. Washington County has 176 cases, Henry County reports 54 cases and Jefferson County has 14 cases.

Heading into the Memorial Day Weekend, Reynolds encouraged Iowans to remain safe.

“While life is beginning to feel more normal, we can’t forget that the virus remains in our communities. We must continue to take personal responsibility for our health and the health of others,” she said.