Fairfield rec center to open indoor pool

Part of Phase 2 of center's reopening

The Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department will enter Phase 2 of its plan to reopen the rec center on Tuesday, May 26. This phase relaxes some of the rules from Phase 1.

The parks and rec department detailed the new policies under the Phase 2 reopening as follows, with one major change being that the indoor pool will now be open, albeit at a limited capacity.

Phase 2: Begins Tuesday, May 26th

Available amenities beginning May 26th:

- Walking track, cardio equipment, cable weight machines near the track

- One squat rack area near the track with a lifting platform – single user area only

- Large Weight Room – single user only, by appointment. Call 641-472-6159 during business hours to make an appointment – we will begin accepting calls for appointments upon release of this letter. All other

parts of the Roosevelt Building will still be off limits. Users are allowed no more than 2 appointment slots per week so that we can ensure there are enough times available for everyone. Scheduling will occur for the current week only, starting the Friday prior. Appointments available Monday-Friday during business hours with the last appointment beginning at 3:00pm. Appointments are 45-minute time slots beginning on the hour each hour with the remaining 15 minutes saved for users to thoroughly sanitize every item they’ve touched while working out. This sanitizing practice will be monitored and diligently enforced.

- Indoor Pool – Limited capacity, and will close 15 minutes prior to the rest of the facility closing time. No borrowing of water equipment such as water weight and kickboards.

- All visitors will still be required to wear a mask throughout the facility - the only exceptions are within the pool and while showering. There will be lap lanes available as well as water walking

Locker rooms will be accessible and pre-swimming showering rules will still be strictly enforced. Those using the pool must shower with soap prior to entering the pool area.

- Locker Rooms, but NOT lockers. There will still be no personal storage available throughout the facility – all items must be carried with you. Bags for those swimming or using the track only may be laid down against a wall allowing for appropriate physical distance between users. Locker rooms will close at the same time as the rest of the facility and all patrons must be out of the building by closing time – NO exceptions.

Unavailable until further notice:

- Sauna, hot tub

- Roosevelt building – everything off limits except the large weight room, which is available for one user at a time by appointment.

- Lounge areas and seating, except benches provided for shoe changes.

- Fitness classes are not permitted until further notice for reasons of safety, space limitations, and social distancing requirements

Requirements for entrance into and use of the facility – failure to follow these requirements will result in immediate loss of use of the facility. Please note that we are now open to visitors from any county!

1. All visitors and staff must pass a brief health questionnaire prior to being permitted to enter the building each time they visit. Anyone with symptom(s) or exposure themselves or within their

household will not be permitted to enter. Please be patient with us while we’re asking these questions – it helps us keep everyone safe.

2. No storage available for personal items – all items must be carried with you as you use the facility.

3. A clean pair of shoes is still required, and will also need to be carried with you through the facility.

4. All visitors and staff will be required to bring a mask and wear it at ALL times while within the facility.

The only exceptions to this are while showering or swimming.

5. All persons within the facility will be required to maintain 6 feet of physical distance at all times.

6. NO unattended children under the age of 15. Children under the age of 15 will be required to be

physically next to an adult member of their household at ALL times. Children will be required to follow

all rules that adults follow, including face mask use.

7. Clean and sanitize all equipment thoroughly after use, and wash hands frequently

8. If you intend to use courts, you must bring your own ball, racquet, etc. No nets or other temporary

installation equipment will be allowed. No borrowing of equipment from our facility will be allowed.

9. No group activities or games allowed – no more than one person in an activity at a time.

10. All patrons must bring a water bottle if they need water. Water filling station available, no fountains.

11. All patrons must be out of the building by closing time.