Construction continues in Henry County

MT. PLEASANT — Construction projects in Henry County are underway. County Engineer said the 200th Street Base One project is expected to be completed this week.

Monday, crews completed the first half mile of the project and were hoping to complete the second half mile Tuesday. Base One is a chip seal application used to stabilize the roadway.

“The hardest part with this product is getting the moisture content right. If it’s too dry it doesn’t bond, if it’s too wet it takes longer to cure. It looks like it might have gotten a little bit too wet yesterday, but today they’ll work that section again,” he said.

The life expectancy of the product is unknown, but Hotchkiss said Clinton County has used the product and is satisfied with the result.

“Theoretically, it’s perpetual. There really isn’t a lot of breakdown with it. As long as it sticks together, it continues to work,” he said.

In other news, work is continuing on the W55 Franklin Avenue Bridge. The contractor has completed one pier and was scheduled to pour the second pier cap Tuesday.

The beams are scheduled to be set on Thursday for the North Span and the other two spans will be set next week.

The J20 bridge project by Lowell is seeing contract work. The 260th Street grading project in Gibson Park will be open upon completion of seeding by the contractor.