City government election results in Henry County

In Henry County, five mayoral positions were decided by voters Tuesday evening on election night. The only contested mayorship race was in Hillsboro. Jaime Ludwig, Nick L. Reiner and Cindy French, three newcomers, ran for the open mayoral seat. Ludwig won the race with 72.22 percent of the vote. Coming in second was Reiner who received 24.07 percent of the vote, followed by French who received 3.7 percent. In total, 54 votes determined Hillsboro’s mayorship.

Three uncontested mayoral incumbents in the county were elected to serve another four-year term. Steve Brimhall, the current mayor in Mt. Pleasant received 98.79 percent of the vote. Ron H. Sadler, mayor of New London, received 90.30 percent of the 268 ballots that were cast by town residents. Jeremy Lanferman, another incumbent who currently serves as mayor of Rome, received 10 of the 11 votes that were cast.

In Winfield, with the absence of a candidate, write-in votes will determine the new mayor. According to the Henry County Auditor’s Office, the top two write-in candidates for the position are William Bender with 23 votes and Robert Quinn with 11.

City council seats within the county similarly saw many positions filled by already-serving incumbents. Salem’s three city council vacancies was the only contested race with Matt Francy, Mary Hoyer, David Tedrow and John Wagner competing for the positions. Hoyer was the only incumbent running in the race. The top three contenders of the night were Francy, who received 29.44 percent of the vote, Tedrow, who received 22.9 percent and Hoyer, who received 20.56 percent. Wager received 14.49 percent of ballots cast and 12.62 percent of ballots resulted in write-in votes. A total of 214 votes were cast in Salem’s city council race.

In Hillsboro, Mona Archer was the only candidate running for a four-year term city council seat. Archer received 40.28 percent of the 72 ballots that were cast. The remaining ballots were write-in votes. Two vacancies in the Hillsboro city council, including another four year term seat and a two-year term seat are to be decided by write-in votes.

New London’s two city council seats were filled by incumbent Kirk Miller, who received 53.31 percent of the votes, and newcomer January Benjamin, who received 44.75 percent of the vote.

In the City of Olds, Ben Fear and Theresa Willey filled two of three open city council seats, with Fear, the incumbent, receiving 43.90 percent of the vote, and Willey getting 29.27 percent. Write-ins comprised 26.83 percent of the ballots.

In Mt. Pleasant, Rome, Winfield and Wayland, incumbent city council members all retained their seats for another term. In Mt. Pleasant, Kent White, Matthew Crull and Stephen Engberg will continue in their positions. The five incumbent city council members from Rome, Maria Whetsler, Lester Garrison, Martha Garrison, Deb Sammons and Cameron Sammons, also will serve another term. In Winfield, Janet Reynolds and Tom Rudruck will continue in their seats. Chet Fort, Kathie Grimm and Aaron Barnhart will continue in their roles as city council members in Wayland.

The City of Westwood will induct two new city council members, with Carl L. McRoy and Elijah Gnann. McRoy received exactly 50 percent of the 26 votes with Gnann receiving 47.83 percent of the vote.