Washington School Board needs a shake up

Washington Community School residents,

With the school board elections now with the November General Election and four seats up for election, it is a great opportunity to bring the school board out of business as usual. Reading the minutes of the board either on the school website or legal notices for the past six months show that there have only been two no votes by the newest board members, everything else passes unanimously. In June, the vice president made every motion, all voted aye and they adjourned the meeting in 12 minutes. At that meeting, they agreed to contract with the board president’s company for $15,000 with no explanation as to their duties. There seems to be little transparency from the school board.

In the past five years, Mr. Jorgenson wrote frequent articles explaining board actions “retired” only to appear at Highland in the same position. Mr. Dicks wrote a few articles but suddenly left after two years to go back to central Iowa, and Mr. Stone rarely is quoted. Why the turnover? Could it be frustration with a stagnant board?

Seats up for reelection and length of service are: At Large: Mr. Turner (14 years as president), District 1: open (director is retiring), District 3: Mr. Suchen (9 years), District 4: Ms. Leyva (5 years). Petitions must be submitted by Sept. 19, 2019. It’s time for people to step up and give us a choice on Election Day so we can decide whether to have a board that is just business as usual or one who will decide a new direction.