Toolesboro hike planned for Saturday

Local residents can a unique opportunity to hike along all the entire Toolesboro burial mound group located at the Toolesboro Mounds National Historic Landmark on Saturday, Nov. 21 from 1-3 p.m. Geoarchaeologist Joe Artz, will guide the “walk and talk,” focusing on identifying burial mounds and exploring how geoarchaeologists use clues found within the landscape to learn about prehistoric features.

The hikes will be approximately one half mile in length off-trail along the burial mounds. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes for hiking! Information and staff will also be available in and around the Toolesboro Museum.

To register, email Lana at or call 319-523-8381. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the event and participants are asked to wear a mask. Multiple hikes will be scheduled if needed to keep groups small.

This program is part of a year-long series of programs called Toolesboro Touchstones provided by a grant from the Community Foundation of Louisa County. The Toolesboro Mounds and Museum, National Historic Landmark is located approximately 7 miles east of Wapello just off County Road 99. The street address is 6568 Toolesboro Ave, Wapello, Iowa. Toolesboro is owned by the State Historical Society of Iowa and managed by Louisa County Conservation.