Log Cabin Questers

The Log Cabin Questers traveled to Danville’s Historical Museum for their October meeting.

They toured the Anne Frank Connection, which highlights Danville’s connection to Holland during World War II, including a letter sent by Anne Frank to a pen pal in Danville. Birdie Matthews, a local teacher at the time, initiated the pen pal project. Juanita Wagner, a local student, was given Anne Frank’s name and letters were exchanged between the two girls. Copies of the letters are now on display.

Besides the letters, there is background information, photos and time lines. The museum also has a replica of the attic room where Anne and her family lived for two years. On the museum walls are quotes from Anne’s diary. A European timeline of the war years is on the upper half of one wall, with an American timeline below. On the opposite wall is a local timeline showcasing pertinent information about Danville during the war.

The group would encourage others to visit this historic and moving experience. Refreshments were enjoyed on the way home.