Henry County Historic Preservation Commission

The Henry County Historic Preservation Commission met Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 20, for its final meeting in 2019.

Present were commissioners Todd Barton, Martha Francy, Joel Garretson, Faye Heartsill, Caroline Lehman, Judy Rawson, Larry D. Roth, Mary Savage, and guests Pat White and Cathie Schreiner.

The Commission is pleased to announce that the Henry County Supervisors have approved the recent appointment of Judy Rawson of Winfield to the Commission. Cathie Schreiner, of New London, is also seeking an appointment to the Commission which is very pleased to have two new members.

Several commissioners shared some information and photographs for the abandoned rail line project, which will help preserve the identity and locations of the old rail lines possibly through printed and social media, and signage.

Good progress has been made with the rural country schoolbook project and Judy Rawson has already completed the section for Scott Township. Pat White is discovering a tremendous amount of material relating to rural schools at the Henry Co Heritage Trust museum.

The next meeting will be Jan. 20, 2020, at the Henry County courthouse.