All-Academic Senior Class: Samaria Reinier - Pekin

Samaria Reinier
Samaria Reinier

Name: Samaria Reinier

Age: 17

Parents: Robin and Martha Reinier

GPA: 3.8

Class rank: 7/51

Co-curricular activities: Speech, theater, Spanish club, cross country, and jazz band

Community activities: Youth group

Future plans/goals: Attend Graceland University and get a degree for music education

1) If you were to give the education you received during high school a letter grade, what letter grade would you give it? Why?

Sometimes it was harder for all the teachers to help each student, but if you were able to get them alone, they did an amazing job at explaining things you might not understand.

2) What do you regard as the strengths of your education?

I had tons of support from all of my teachers. A lot of that support is what pushed me to do better and try new things that I ended up loving.

3) What do you regard as the weaknesses of your education?

I really would’ve liked more classes based on budgeting and taxes.

4) What are some of your fondest high school memories?

Anytime I was laughing with one of my friends, which happened a lot. I also really enjoyed the shenanigans that happened during play practice.

5) What instructor has had the most influence on your education?

My music teacher, Mr. White

6) Who are your role models? Why?

My biggest role model is my oldest brother, Christian. He passed away my freshman year, but he was the most hardworking person I knew and genuinely cared for others, even people he didn’t know. He inspired me to work harder for what I wanted to achieve and he taught me how important it is to love and help others.

7) What advice do you have to offer to incoming freshmen?

Don’t be afraid to shine. Everyone has their own talents, don’t be afraid to show yours.

8) If you could start high school again, what changes would you make?

I would be more outgoing. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t do because I was shy until my junior or senior year that I really regret not doing sooner.