Who do we want?

By Leland Graber, Wayland

Fifty years ago, 1970, Henry County Iowa, population 18,114, had a sheriff, a couple deputies and an eight bed jail.

Today the population is dropping from a high of 20,336 in 2000. The county has a sheriff, 10 deputies, a K9 and a full staff to manage the new 98 bed jail with special provisions for transgender individuals.

The monument was designed for additional expansion and planned use for extra beds to hold prisoners from other counties that lack space, for payment. More crime and prisoners are needed to make the jail a good investment for taxpayers.

Halfway across town, Henry County Health Center says it will not deliver babies after June 1. Welcome prisoners. Babies, well, not so much.

This is the county/community we give the kids to pass on to future generations, because after all nothing else really matters.