Letters to the Editor

Trump responsible for ineffective COVID response

To the editor:

I have no personal animosity toward President Trump. I know Donald Trump. I played tennis with him. I liked him. My concern is with the quality of his leadership during the Covid-19 Crisis.

President Trump is in the end the man who is most responsible and therefore most accountable for our nation’s ineffective and inadequate response to the crisis right from the beginning.

Academic research undertaken by The Imperial College of London estimates that up to 90 percent of deaths due to the virus could have been prevented had our government moved to shut down by March 2. [Rolling Stone, June, 2020] President Trump dragged his feet in February, even calling the pandemic a hoax at one point. His administration’s approach was to minimize the danger and encourage Americans to “go on with their normal lives.” By early May, more than 75,000 Americans were dead.

As of the writing of this letter [July 2, 2020] there have been five daily records set for the increase of Covid-19 cases. The USA is now on a list of only three countries who are banned from travel to Europe this summer.

President Trump at one time suggested that a widely used cleaning product could be ingested to cure those who had contracted the virus. He has repeatedly referred to the virus as a flu even having the bad manners and insipid taste to call it the “Kung Flu.” Recently, he suggested that increased testing was the cause of the present surge. Virtually no one agrees with him from the experts on down.

We now have unquestionably the worst response to this crisis in the world. We have the highest number of recorded cases and the highest number of deaths due to the virus. These facts are incontrovertible.

I have read Mrs. Crossland’s letters to this paper on the subject of abortion. I respect her views and applaud her sense of civic and moral duty in writing them.

Current polls do show that President Trump’s support is declining across all demographic groups, even among Republicans. The Republican Party is no doubt worried about the viability of his candidacy. I may be wrong, however. I often am. Especially when I make predictions. Donald Trump may indeed be the Republican candidate for president this year.

The silver linings I mentioned in my earlier letter have continued. Two historic Supreme Court decisions have protected the rights of transgender and gay citizens, respectively.

My intention in any letter I write is to offer my point of view, not to attack or offend anyone. I want to apologize to Mrs. Crossland or anyone else who may have been offended by my previous letter.

- Jim Turner, Fairfield