Letters to the Editor

Carnegie Museum is a treasure

To the editor:

In visiting my hometown of Fairfield, I have had the great pleasure several times to see the wonderful exhibits at the Carnegie Musuem (the old library when I was young!).

I was simply amazed at the extent of Smithsonian quality exhibits including Iowa Artifacts and an extensive amount of Native American artifacts from the Southwest, Grand Canyon to here. There were pioneer days collections, President Lincoln and historic pieces from Iowa senators to soldiers from all our history. I was especially pleased with the Victorian era parlor, the new Suffragette memorabilia, the old Brown’s Drugstore and Parsons College collections.

Though scary to me as a child, the large amount of animals, birds and even the buffalo head were still there.

This is an extraordinary find of collections passionately and carefully organized by Mark Shafer and many who have helped to make it into a premiere museum for all. I hope all Fairfielders and many others get to enjoy it as much as we did. Please support this monumental historical effort for the future. Yea, Fairfield!

- JoAnn Lewis, Fairfield native