Washington police calls jumped in August over previous year

WASHINGTON — The Washington Police Department had almost 100 more calls for service in August compared to last year.

In 2019, the police department had 367 calls for service. This year it had 464 calls.

The department saw more cases of theft, vandalism, assault and drug offenses, according to the police department’s monthly report.

There were seven assaults, 10 instances of vandalism, 20 instances of theft — including shoplifting and 6 drug offenses during August.

Last August there were four assaults, 14 instances of theft and two drug offenses.

In a chart provided to the City Council, the police department lists types and number of offenses for the month and a year-to-date total.

In the summary, there have been 323 total offenses this year through August. These offenses include assaults, burglary, public intoxication and more.

This is an increase of 72 cases compared to this time last year.

The offenses do not always result in arrests, and calls for service do not always include requests to return phone calls, instances where officers are approached while on patrol for minor issues or requests for assistance from other agencies such as probation or parole.