The Well purchases Foursquare Church

The Well has purchased the building that housed Foursquare Church on South Main Street in Fairfield. (Photo submitted)
The Well has purchased the building that housed Foursquare Church on South Main Street in Fairfield. (Photo submitted)

An organization known as The Well has purchased the building that housed the Foursquare Church, located on 1700 S. Main St.

The Well purchased the building in early August. In a news release, the organization said the 22,400-square-foot space is an ideal size and location for the current and future needs of The Well, including The Well Thrift Store retail area, donation processing room, and The Well Resource Center ministry space.

Renovations of the building will begin this month, with a targeted opening date near the end of the year.

“The Well offers individuals a way to find help and hope when facing difficult circumstances by helping meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs,” stated the news release. “As an organization, it focuses on the total person to help those struggling reach long-term stability in their lives. The Well does this through community partnerships and innovative programs, all while focusing on building relationships and addressing the root cause of the issues at hand. Anyone is welcome to receive services through The Well Resource Center.”

Fairfield Economic Development Association Executive Director Joshua Laraby said The Well has an excellent leadership team, and will be an economic driver in the community.

“Their holistic wrap-around rehabilitation services will play an important role in continuing to build a stable and successful local workforce,” Laraby said. “I’m impressed with their partnership approach and I look forward to the community being able to see what they have to offer.”

Earlier this year, the Well leadership team, and a local scoping committee of community members, had been looking at the Fairfield community as a whole and its resources. Conversations with several individuals in various capacities in Fairfield have taken place to determine if and how The Well structure could help.

“The team is very impressed with the quality and variety of services Fairfield already offers to the community and is excited to partner with such a caring community,” stated the news release from the organization. “The Well will not be duplicating any local services currently offered but will focus to coordinate efforts with existing organizations and resources. Individuals, organizations, and businesses can use The Well to find the needed information and refer clients.”

In April, The Well announced it would expand its operations in Fairfield, taking on the tasks previously done by Cornerstone Community Well while adding new ones.

In addition to existing current Fairfield services, The Well offers personal finance classes with strategies for managing money, addiction recovery resources, and other opportunities to help people move forward in their life. A Call to Serve Ministries connects people who could use possible project assistance in their homes, with willing and able volunteers who can lend a hand.

The Well has built a work program called Well Works, where local businesses provide work for clients to learn how to keep a job again and fulfill the needs of businesses. The Well Thrift Store is a multi-department and donation-based retailer with 100 percent of the income generated through thrift store sales supporting the ministry services of The Well, while also providing volunteer opportunities for people to be involved.