Pharmacies encourage vaccinated people to get off waiting lists

FAIRFIELD — Fairfield pharmacies are asking patrons who receive the COVID-19 vaccine to take their names off waiting lists at other pharmacies.

Summit Pharmacy in Fairfield issued a statement on Feb. 25 indicating there were 525 people on its waiting list to receive the vaccine.

“We encourage you to receive vaccine at whatever location you are able,” the company said in a Facebook post. “As you receive vaccination could you please call the other locations you have signed up with and let them know. This would help us all work through our lists better.”

Patrons can sign up for or remove their name from the waiting list at Summit by calling 641-472-7987 or by visiting its website at and putting a note in the address line asking to be removed.

Marni Adam, a certified pharmacy technician at NuCara Pharmacy in Fairfield, said her company is asking its patrons to do the same. She said NuCara has a similarly long waiting list but noted that many or even most of the people on it are likely on other pharmacies’ waiting lists.

“If I have 500 people on the waiting list, maybe 300 are on other waiting lists,” she said. “We ask people when they get the vaccine to take their names off the other lists so the pharmacies are not wasting their time calling them when they’ve already received it.”

Adam said NuCara is receiving 100-plus doses of the vaccine per week and is running through it as fast as it can. She said the pharmacy is inoculating about 50 people per day. The pharmacy is giving vaccines to people 65 years and older, those with underlying health problems and the people caring for them.

“If someone is 64 with diabetes and heart failure, we’re trying to get them vaccinated as well,” Adam said.

NuCara Pharmacy is instructing customers to get on its waiting list by visiting and answering a series of questions. Pharmacy representatives said they prefer residents use the company’s website for the waiting list, but if a person does not have access to the internet, they may call the pharmacy at 641-469-3001.

Fairfield Hy-Vee pharmacy is not keeping a waiting list, and residents who want to get the vaccine through Hy-Vee are instructed to register for it online at Those who wish to get the vaccine at Walmart pharmacy are directed to visit its website at