Fairfield schools report COVID case after weeks with no cases

FAIRFIELD – COVID cases in Jefferson County were on a steady decline from early January to mid-February but that all changed on Feb. 19, when 136 positive cases were reported just a day after only 35 positive cases were reported. The most recent figures show 130 positive cases on Feb. 26.

The Fairfield Community School District reported at least one COVID case on Feb. 24 after having gone three weeks with no cases. The number of students and faculty absent due to being in isolation or quarantine was eight on Feb. 26, which has been about the average for February and down from a high of 135 in mid-November.

The schools have seen huge fluctuations in the percentage of the student body absent at any one time. For instance, the high school reported 16 percent of students out due to illness on Feb. 9, at a time when almost 10 percent of students in the whole district were gone from school. Three days later, the percentage of students absent both at the high school and in district-wide had been cut in half.