Halcyon House news

Halcyon Lifestyles and Wellness has seen many changes the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Activities have been centered around one-to-one activities instead of group.

When the weather is nice, we go outside for wheelchair rides around the campus. One of the favorite stops is at the “Reflective Water” area to watch the water fountain and to feed the beautiful Koi fish that reside there. Another popular activity is playing the Quarantine Quest game. There are numbers posted on cards from 1 to 20 around the campus, and the object is to see how many we can find.

Hallway Bingo, watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder outside the window, zoom visits with family, popcorn and a movie (in the room) on Thursday, and one-to-one butterfly art projects, are just a few of the many activities that we have been doing with them. We also had Mary Jo Koehler, sharing her love of music with the residents with her singing and playing guitar in the hallway for everyone to enjoy.

We had a “Going to the Ball Park” themed party, with staff and residents wearing their favorite team shirts. A traveling concession stand (cart) was decorated to look like a concession stand and offered chips, pop, chocolate chip cookie ice cream treats, and baseball suckers for everyone to enjoy. Also on the menu were big plumper hot dogs with all the fixings, watermelon, and pasta salad. This was a homerun party for everyone.