Four percent of Fairfield students out due to COVID

FAIRFIELD – The percent of students in the Fairfield Community School District who are absent because of COVID-19 (due to a positive test or because they are in quarantine) has hovered around 4 percent since early October.

On Nov. 22, the last day for which data is available, 4.12 percent of the student body was absent. Washington Elementary School was hit the hardest, with 10.5 percent of students out, followed by the middle school, with about 5 percent out. The middle school had just come off a spike in COVID-19 related absences Nov. 15-16 when more than 14 percent of students missed school.

The high school reported 0.5 percent of its students were out on Nov. 22, and Pence Elementary School reported no absences due to illness. The number of students and staff who either tested positive for COVID or who were in isolation or quarantine was 108 on Nov. 24, with the staff comprising 27 of those cases.

The number of COVID cases among staff and students has been five or below since late September with the lone exception of late October when there were seven cases. But since Nov. 16, the number of cases has remained above five and stood at 10 on Nov. 24.

The number of positive cases in Jefferson County has climbed every day since Oct. 22. On Nov. 24, it reached a new high of 389 positive cases.