Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: The graceful gifted

To the editor,

They are among us. Right here in Washington, Iowa. You may not even know they are here except by personal experience, word-of-mouth or maybe keen perception. They may be familiar to us, maybe even considered ordinary to most but with extraordinary, unique giftedness. I would call them “graceful gifted.” You won’t see them in the newspaper, in advertisements, or giving speeches. They rarely win any awards, and if they do, you woudlnt’ know about it. They work exhausting hours, long after patients/clients/customers are gone. Excellence is given and they are their own harshest critic. They are usually soft-spoken, patient, joyful, humble, loyal but with an unusual aptitude combined with a perceptiveness that sets them apart. They embrace ownership, inspire dedication, challenge inherently and encourage naturally. We often take them for granted but those in their own industry, especially peers of their profession, know who they are.

Since 1998, Liz Miksch has been the quiet, solid cornerstone of Washington County Hospital Physical Therapy. On July 23, 2019, she exited to start a new phase in her life called retirement. She has graced us with her bashful smile, warm conversations and sincere heart all while being the utmost of professionals. She is known widely for her skill and acumen at Steindler Orthopedicas, the University of Iowa and beyond. She has shared her craft to students from the University of Iowa for years and has positively influenced numerous PT graduates. Our son Jordan, being one of them, called her an incredible mentor, friend and in a personal salutation stated that she “profoundly impacted” his life.

Often you do not recognize how special they are until they move, retire, pass on. I have met several in my tenure here at Washington County Hospital, these “graceful gifted,” especially in the nursing field, too many for me to mention here. I believe in a sovereign God that orchestrates everything, every person in every place for both an earthly and more importantly, and eternal purpose. I am personally thankful He placed Liz Miksch and these other graceful gifted in our midst.

- Matt Prihoda M.D., Washington