Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Residents calls for cease in fireworks

Letter to the City Council,

I debated submitting this, but after reading about the fireworks death in our paper, I decided to just do it — even if I get harassed. Regarding the fireworks here — you were allowing too much time (weeks) and too late in the night (11 p.m. is too late and it often lasted long after that). People were celebrating what, for nights and days before and after the Fourth. I assure you there were many unhappy people here. Maybe they just haven’t voiced their concerns to you.

Some of the unhappy were pet owners and their pets! Some pets had to be medicated because the sudden noise scared them. Some pets shake badly, pant too hard for their hearts, some will even run away trying to escape the noise. Then consider also mothers trying to settle babies and toddlers for the night. The noise wakes and frightens them. Also, our local National Guard troops, recently sent to war zone, hear loud explosions and wondered if they might lose an arm, a leg, or their life because of a sudden loud explosion. Maybe some came home with the life-altering PTSD. Did anyone consider these people?

This prolonged disruption is hard enough on healthy people, but maybe you know someone struggling with a serious or terminal illness — someone in your own family or a neighbor, and all they want, need, is a quiet night to sleep so they can escape for a few hours from their pain.

Just because the Iowa Legislature said you can do this does not mean you had to. Other towns considered their residents. Why not us? Everyone had a nice firework show at the park to enjoy, but many came home to continue it as long as they wanted. I even heard that Missouri was making money from selling fireworks to Iowans and “we” should just keep that money here in Iowa — is that why we did this? For the money?

Some will think I am just a cranky old woman and they are right. But that is what lack of sleep does to an 86-year-old cranky person and a scared dog. So let’s no do this again. OK?


Eileen McBeth

Mt. Pleasant