Letters to the Editor

Clarification to lodging house article

To the editor:

I want to clarify a point made in Tuesday’s paper about the lodging house ordinance discussed during Monday’s Fairfield City Council meeting. In that article, it stated that I was asking for an exception to the ordinance for my bed and breakfast business, Seven Roses Inn.

Actually, I was asking for the ordinance to be changed to allow two buildings on the same parcel to be considered one unit with respect to the lodging fee. I was asking for this reasonable change in the ordinance for any future bed and breakfast owners in the city.

On another note, thank you for writing about the Harken Farm Family and their bear, named Brownie. I remember my grandpa taking me to see the bear as a little girl. On occasion, I have told people about the bear but I had no recollection of where it was or who the family was that had it. Thanks for filling in the gaps.