No police response to fireworks complaint

To the editor:

I found out who can get away with breaking the law in Fairfield. Fireworks, as I understand, can be fired on July 3-4. On Saturday, July 6, there was quite an array of fireworks being shot off across the street from me, the debris was falling on my house and in my yard.

I called in to see if it was still legal to shoot off fireworks and was told it was not. I told her about the fireworks being shot off across the street, big sky rockets, a lot of them. The dispatcher said someone else had called in also.

I waited for someone to show up and stop them, no one ever came to investigate. There was over half an hour of this. I called back to ask why no one showed and did it make a difference who called? She asked what I meant, and I said a call for disturbing the peace (which is not as dangerous as fireworks) gets three or four officers to respond.

She asked if I wanted to make a report. I thought my call *was reporting* a breaking of the law. I found out since that the one shooting the fireworks works for the city, so I guess I got my answer.